Y Lifft - Groundbreaking children’s series


Step into the lift – a groundbreaking new series on S4C’s Stwnsh that is set to take off from Wednesday 12 September.

For the first time in children’s broadcasting in Britain, young people will be able to watch the quiz show on the television whilst also playing along with the games on a second screen in their homes.

Viewers are encouraged to play along at home at the same time as the competitors in the studio by visiting the website – – or by downloading the brand new app, currently available for free on phone and tablet devices.

At the end of the game, their scores will be added to Y Lifft’s scoreboard and the players with the most points at the end of the series will win prizes, including an iPod Touch, game equipment and iTunes vouchers.

In each programme, three competitors will be faced with seven puzzles on a giant touch-screen device in the studio – against the clock and within the confines of Y Lifft. If they fail to succeed, one team member will be forced to leave Y Lifft or their prize will decrease.

Owain Williams presents the brand new interactive series and in the programmes the journey begins on the bottom floor with £300 worth of vouchers in the pot as a prize.

After reaching the top floor, they will have to solve the code with a minute on the clock in order to open the doors to freedom.

Sioned Wyn Roberts, S4C Children’s Commissioning Editor, says: “We are thrilled to offer a new interactive series for the Stwnsh audience. Using a second screen to compete at home gives the viewers a unique opportunity to join in the fun and win prizes.

“Our younger viewers are using more than one screen at the same time and so this series reflects the latest trends amongst the audience. Not only can young people in Wales watch Y Lifft and play along at the same time, they can win fantastic prizes and really possess the series, which will be on S4C until Christmas.”

Y Lifft is an original idea by Boomerang+ and Cube Interactive following a recent on-air pilot with another second screen format.

Executive Producer of the series, Angharad Garlick, adds: “We created a similar interactive format recently with the Clic Slic competition as part of the Stwnsh Sadwrn series. Y Lifft builds and expands on the success of that format. There are rapid changes in new technology and young people are responding and adapting to those changes with great ease. In fact, using two screens at the same time is now a natural activity.”


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