S4C Film Awarded World Gold Medal in the New York Film and Television Festivals Awards


In a ceremony held in Las Vegas last night a documentary film broadcast on S4C won a prize at the New York Festivals Awards.

Fy Chwaer a Fi was awarded a World Gold Medal in the Human Interest category.

The film tells the story of Catherine and Kirstie Fields, eighteen year-old twins from Bryn near Llanelli who have a unique neurological condition which has paralysed them and robbed them of their speech. Fy Chwaer a Fi sees Catherine and Kirstie communicate with the audience through use of special machines, as they share their story with the world for the first time.

Mei Williams, director and producer of Fy Chwaer a Fi said:

"We're all extremely proud of the worldwide recognition that Fy Chwaer a Fi has received. It wasn't easy for the girls to speak on camera, and it was a very brave decision on their behalf to share their story with the audience. The film is now being shown all across the world and people are still amazed at their spirit and strength.

"It's been a privilege for me to get to know the family and I'm extremely thankful to S4C for being so supportive from the start. The film is a testament to Hayley Mason and the crew at Tŷ Hafan Hospice who all work tirelessly to support families in very difficult circumstances.

"As director, I am indebted to everyone who worked on the film, especially Madoc Roberts the editor, and the executive producer Paul Islwyn Thomas, whose advice and guidance contributed so much to the feel of this special film."

Llion Iwan, Factual Programmes Commissioner for S4C said:

"It's fantastic to see an S4C production receive recognition on an international platform. Fy Chwaer a Fi is a very honest, gripping film which really touched a nerve with the audience, and although the story is a sad one, it's also hugely inspiring. I'd like to offer many congratulations to Mei Williams, all the crew at Boom Pictures Cymru, and to Catherine, Kirstie and the whole family."

Following this success S4C will be broadcasting Fy Chwaer a Fi tomorrow night, Thursday, 11 April at 9.00. The film will then be available to watch on Clic ( for 35 days.

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