S4C crew discover Iron Age hill-fort


A crew who are diggings for an S4C series have unearthed never before-seen Iron Age historic remains – including a previously undiscovered hill-fort.

Whilst digging and filming for S4C's series Archaeoleg (Archaeology) set to be broadcast next year, the crew discovered the remains of a hill-fort, stone pellets which would have been used with a slingshot for fighting and hunting, and pottery; all from the Iron Age, as well as the foundation of a windmill which was built in the sixteenth century and features that might be of an Iron Age round house.

The discoveries were made on Twmpath y Felinwynt site, or Mont Mawr as it's called locally in Maudlam village which lies near Kenfig in the Bridgend area.

Archaeologist and presenter of the series, Iestyn Jones said:

"Until our recent dig Kenfig was described as medieval because of the remains of an old Norman castle not far from our site, but now we know that there were people living there before and during the Roman era, right next to where the M4 is now!

"It's an extraordinary site because there's evidence that people have been using the hill for over 2000 years and until recently no-one ever noticed that it was there!"

The site has now been recovered and the crew have moved on to their next dig.


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