06:00 Cyw


Programmes for younger viewers: Ben Dant, Digbi Draig, Dwylo'r Enfys, Sbridiri, Jen a Jim Pob Dim, Ynys Broc Mor Lili, Tomos a'i Ffrindiau, Deian a Loli a'r Cadw Mi Gei, Dathlu 'Da Dona, Meic y Marchog, Tili a'i Ffrindiau, Sam Tan, Patrol Pawennau.

06: 00
Ben Dant - Ysgol Dolbadarn

Join the pirate Ben Dant, and a team from Ysgol Dolbadarn on their adventure to find four golden keys and a chest full of treasure.

  • English subtitles
06: 15
Digbi Draig - Mawredd Madarch

Betsi leaves Digbi and Cochyn looking after a magic potion while she goes to find the final ingredient. However, they are careless and the results are disastrous!

06: 25
Dwylo'r Enfys - Katie

Heulwen finds Katie in Bangor and they go to help the police. They have to dress and drive like a policeman and they meet a very special officer.

  • English subtitles
06: 40
Sbridiri - Jwngwl

Twm Tisian and Lisa make a lion headdress. They also journey to Ysgol Maenclochog where they create masks with the children.

  • English subtitles
07: 00
Jen a Jim Pob Dim - Stondin Plwmp

Plwmp has opened a cake stall and his friends have called to buy some. Unfortunately, Plwmp is utterly confused when it comes to counting the money. Can Jen and Jim and the 'Llyfr Pob Dim' help?

  • English subtitles
07: 15
Ynys Broc Mor Lili - Capten Lili

Lili becomes a captain when she and Gwil get stranded at sea.

07: 25
Tomos a'i Ffrindiau - Ffrind Tal Tomos

The adventures of Tomos and friends.

  • English subtitles
07: 35
Deian a Loli - A'r Cadw Mi Gei

Loli wants her money but the piggybank is being stubborn and won't let her open the stopper. Loli decides to make herself small so she can climb in through the slot to challenge him. But will she ever manage to get out again?

  • English subtitles
07: 50
Dathlu 'Da Dona - Parti Jwngl Mari

Join Dona Direidi in a fun-filled party, full of games, dancing and singing. Today, Mari will be having a jungle party with Heulwen from Dwylo'r Enfys.

  • English subtitles
08: 05
Meic y Marchog a'r Trysor Hapus - Meic y Marchog a'r Anghenfil

Meic looks for something really brave to do - and has a nervous Sblash do everything that doesn't seem brave enough. But when Meic has to face a monster, he learns that being brave is about facing your fears - whatever they are!

08: 15
Tili a'i ffrindiau - Y Lleidr Gwas Barus

Tili is baking a tart with gooseberries. But the ripest ones have disappeared from the bush in the garden. Arthur has a cunning plan to find out how.

  • English subtitles
08: 25
Sam Tan - Trafferth Ty Coeden

The Pontypandy Pioneers are working towards their construction badges. The tree house is ready to have some work done to it. Norman is desperate to be the first one into the treehouse and so is his cousin Derec. Norman doesn't do his task properly and puts everybody else in danger. Will Fireman Sam get to them in time?!

08: 35
Patrol Pawennau - Anturiaethau Gwarchod

Mayor Morus calls on the Paw Patrol to rescue her twin neice and nephew from a tree, and then twin sit for the day!

08:50 Penblwyddi Cyw

Penblwyddi Cyw

If you're celebrating your birthday, you may be lucky enough to see your photo on today's Cyw!

  • English subtitles

08:55 Pen-blwydd Pwy? Merch

Pen-blwydd Pwy? Merch - Streipiau a smotiau

Entertaining and educational animated series for nursery school children. It's time to see whose birthday it is today!

  • English subtitles

09:00 Dal Ati: Bore Da

Dal Ati: Bore Da

Bore Da is a weekly series which guides viewers through some of the items shown on Heno or Prynhawn Da during the previous week, and visits people and places of interest to those learning Welsh.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

10:00 Dal Ati

Dal Ati

Ifan Jones Evans presents highlights of the Royal Welsh Show 2017 as we look forward to this year's event. We'll see the best of the four days of competing at the Royal Welsh Show in Builth Wells.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

11:00 Hanes Cymru a'r Mor

Hanes Cymru a'r Mor - Mentro i'r Mor

The late Sian Pari Huws explores the sea's impact on the identity and heritage of Wales and the Welsh. But how and why does our seafaring story begin in Dover, Kent of all places? First shown in 2006.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
  • /
  • Audio described


12:00 Trefi Gwyllt Iolo

Trefi Gwyllt Iolo

This time, Iolo discovers rats in Llanelli and catches mice in Bala. In Merthyr Tydfil, a grey wagtail has built a nest in a cage above the Taff. In Carmarthen and Llandudno, gulls are taking advantage of life on the street. And in Gorseinon and Dolgellau, beautiful and rare birds visit gardens.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
12: 28
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

12:30 Codi Hwyl

Codi Hwyl

Actor John Pierce Jones sells his boat, the Mistress Wilful for a larger yacht without consulting his sailing partner Dilwyn Morgan. The pair head for Bere Island in Ireland where the boat - Mystique - is harboured to test whether she is even seaworthy.

  • English subtitles

13:00 Caru Casglu

Caru Casglu

Ifan Jones Evans presents 'Caru Casglu,' a series where he meets people from around Wales who collect all kinds of things. This week we feature record collections, dolls' houses and bottles!

  • English and Welsh subtitles

13:30 Treiathlon Cymru 2018

Treiathlon Cymru 2018 - Treiathlon Y Bala

Highlights of Round 4 of the Welsh Super Series. After a swim in the legendary Llyn Tegid, this classic event moves to the water's edge for a bike ride and run in the shadow of some of Wales's highest mountains.

  • English subtitles

14:00 Seiclo: Le Tour de France

Seiclo: Le Tour de France - Cymal 15 / Stage 15

Stage 15. Today is another transitional stage between the Alps and the Pyrenees, but don't be fooled into thinking it's an easy day in the saddle. Three categorised climbs, before a fast 40km to the finish. A day for the breakaway perhaps?


17:15 Dros Gymru

Dros Gymru - Grahame Davies, Y Cymoedd

Poet Grahame Davies has lived in Merthyr since 1986 and is very fond of the place. Many of his first adult experiences happened there; his first job, marriage and becoming a father. Over the years he has seen many changes, both industrial and social. In this programme he explains how the town influences his poetry.

17:30 Newyddion a Chwaraeon

Newyddion a Chwaraeon

Weekend news and sport.

  • English subtitles
17: 38
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

17:40 Pobol y Cwm Omnibws

Pobol y Cwm Omnibws

Omnibus edition looking back at events in the fictional village of Cwmderi over the past week. With on-screen English subtitles.

  • English subtitles
  • /
  • Audio described

19:30 Rygbi: Cwpan 7 Bob Ochr y Byd

Rygbi: Cwpan 7 Bob Ochr y Byd

Day 2 of the action in San Francisco as the tussle for the World Rugby 7s crown continues, with Wales aiming to repeat their achievement of 2009 and become champions again. The best of the action with Owain Gwynedd.

  • English subtitles

20:00 Y Sioe 2018

Y Sioe 2018 - Rhagflas y Sioe

On the eve of the Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd, we look forward to four days of competitions and displays and feature the Sunday service, Moliant y Maes Sunday service.

  • English subtitles

21:00 Ras yr Wyddfa 2018

Ras yr Wyddfa 2018

Highlights of one of Europe's toughest races, the Jewson Snowdon International Race, as over 600 people compete to conquer the 10 mile course from Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon and back.

  • English subtitles

22:00 Seiclo: Le Tour de France

Seiclo: Le Tour de France - Cymal 15: Uchafbwyntiau

Stage 15. Highlights from today's transitional stage between the Alps and the Pyrenees. But don't be fooled into thinking it's an easy day in the saddle. Three categorised climbs, before a fast 40km to the finish. A day for the breakaway perhaps?

22: 28
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

22:30 Y Byd yn ei Le gyda Guto Harri

Y Byd yn ei Le gyda Guto Harri

After Donald Trump's controversial visit to the UK, we'll ask what this American President has that appeals to voters. he street surgery is in Newport where local people will put their questions to UKIP AM David Rowlands. And Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns answers Guto Harri's questions.

  • English subtitles

23:00 Ar Werth

Ar Werth

Iestyn Leyshon of Lloyd, Herbert and Jones, is preparing to put a special property on the market in Aberystwyth. In Ruthin, auctioneer Glyn Owens of Clough and Co, is taking a final look at a Bron Parc: a 300 acre farm, due to go to auction. Glyn hopes that a local family will buy the farm, but with a guide price of over #300,000 and some renovation work to be done, will he find someone to give Bron Parc a new lease of life? Plus, a retirement party at Chester Races.

  • English subtitles
23: 33
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

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