S4C in partnership with producers in South Korea


S4C are proud to announce that they are to collaborate on productions with JTV channel in South Korea, thanks to the co-operation and discussions with The Bridge, an independent, innovative company that bridges production companies in the UK with Asia.

The production’s collaboration will result in three documentaries produced by Awen Media and Rondo Media for S4C.

S4C’s Content Commissioner, Llion Iwan is looking forward to collaborating in a partnership with S4C, The Bridge and the South Korean channel, JTV.

“We’re really pleased to be a part of this groundbreaking partnership which will result in some exciting and high quality productions for ourselves and for our partners in South Korea. S4C has been very keen to explore further co-production projects following recent success with projects such as ‘Y Gwyll/Hinterland’, and by working with The Bridge we have ambitious projects which we believe can deliver some very special results on screen.”

The R.J. Thomas Story (WT) tells the little-known story of Welsh missionary Robert Jermain Thomas who is credited with introducing Christianity to South Korea, and is being made by Wales’ Awen Media for S4C. The documentary will be produced in partnership between Awen Media and JTV channel, in South Korea.

There will also be two other programmes, “The Forgotten War” to be produced by Awen Media, and “The Welsh Soldier” to be produced by Rondo Media, for S4C and JTV channel in South Korea. These documentaries will tell the story of the Welsh involvement in the Korean War.

The Bridge was formed in 2014, with the support of the global company Argonon, and the guidance of their Managing Director Amanda Groom, who has a vast experience in bridging UK based producers with producers in Asia. The Bridge aims to select the best proposals in the UK for the market in Korea.

Amanda Groom, the MD at The Bridge is looking forward to the prospects of the new partnership between S4C, The Bridge and the South Korean Channel, JTV.

“The Bridge is delighted to have received confirmation of programme and series funding from South Korea, bringing to reality exciting and innovative new co production relationships between Welsh producers, Rondo Media and Awen Media and South Korean producers, JTV. Working in partnership with S4C, the result of these partnerships is that more important Welsh stories can be delivered to S4C’s audience.”

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