Rhys Ifans to launch Under Milk Wood to Festival No 6


This weekend actor Rhys Ifans will launch Kevin Allen's new film Dan y Wenallt (Under Milk Wood) at Festival No 6.

The film is a brand new version of Dylan Thomas' popular play of voices of the same name, directed by Kevin Allen (Y Syrcas, Twin Town). The film has been created in English and Welsh, and is the most recent back-to-back production since the detective series Y Gwyll/Hinterland. The Welsh film is called Dan y Wenallt and the English, Under Milk Wood.

The Welsh version, Dan y Wenallt, will be broadcast first on S4C on Saturday 27 December at 9.00pm, with English subtitles available.

The film which stars Rhys Ifans is written by Murray Lachlan Young, Michael Breen and Kevin Allen. The Welsh version is written by poet and dramatist, T.James Jones.

Festival No 6 is the place to be to catch a first glimpse of Dan y Wenallt. Festival No 6 is an arts festival which takes place in Portmeirion in north Wales, and at the heart of the festival there will be a special section which pays tribute to Dylan Thomas

During the weekend readings and performances by none other than Rhys Ifans and Charlotte Church will take place at a Dylan tribute area, and here you can also browse in Dylans Mobile Bookstore, visit the Under Milk Wood caravan, and enjoy performances on the small performing space. Props from the film will decorate the area, including framed pictures, a washing line and festoon lights which are bound to draw you into the film's surreal and wonderful world.

There will also be a big screen showing a trailer of the English version of the film, Under Milk Wood, which will have a cinematic release in the New Year.

So if you're lucky enough to be attending the festival don't forget to step into Dylan's magical world, and catch a glimpse of the film which you can see first on S4C.

Dan y Wenallt, Saturday 27 December at 9.00pm on S4C, with English subtitles available.

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