S4C's current affairs programme gives a voice to young people across Wales


S4C's current affairs series Hacio has launched a new digital project – with the help of students across Wales.

Young people’s programme Hacio is working closely with three Welsh secondary schools in launching a new S4C website where young people write about issues which are important to them.

Ysgol y Strade, Llanelli, Ysgol Glantaf, Cardiff and Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones, Anglesey are part of a project to create a new website for young people, which includes videos, blogs and a social media platform on topics close to their hearts.

'The project is launched during the Dyma Fi season, which aims to give young people a voice, and coincides with Universal Children's Day being held today (Thursday, 20 November).

It also coincides with a special edition of Hacio tonight at 20:00 when young people hold a special debate about a range of issues at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

Hacio journalist Martha Holeyman has been working closely with sixth form students and encouraging them to write.

The project is part of a new partnership between S4C, ITV Cymru Wales, that produce Hacio, and Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies in a drive to develop a new generation of journalists, and develop writing and editing skills.

The young journalists have been attending special workshops on journalism and creating websites.

S4C's Content Commissioner, Sioned Wyn Roberts says, “Working closely with our partners, we are investing in talented young people who are interested in news, views and current affairs. We hope it will help bring on a new generation of Welsh people who are confident in writing journalistic pieces and expressing their views in an informed way in both Welsh and English.”

Ifan Jenkins, a year 12 student at Ysgol y Strade, Llanelli says, “It’s been a great experience and opportunity for us to give our opinions at a time when I feel young people’s views are being ignored. People will perhaps listen to us in the future.

“This project is encouraging my friends to give their opinions on-line. It has given us experience of working in the field of journalism, helping to widen our knowledge and learn more in a practical way. I really enjoyed blogging about rugby matches among other challenges."


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