SuperTed to return to S4C over Christmas


This Christmas S4C viewers can enjoy the animation characters like SuperTed and Wil Cwac Cwac under a new exciting strand called CywTiwb.

Popular children’s characters such as SuperTed and Wil Cwac will return to the Channel on Sunday 28 December and Sunday, 4 January.

SuperTed was a favourite amongst eighties and nineties children, and this year a new generation of children will be able to enjoy the teddy bear's adventure.

These characters helped to establish S4C as an exciting, dynamic channel 32 years ago.

Other classic cartoons that will broadcast under the CywTiwb strand are Joshua Jones, Lisabeth, Sam Tân (Fireman Sam), Siôn Blewyn Coch, Sgerbyde, Slici a Slac a Miffi.

Siôn Blewyn Coch will have a festive theme on Sunday 28 December, where the clever fox attempts to steal a farmer's Christmas turkey.

S4C's Children Commissioner, Sioned Wyn Roberts is confident that the enduring qualities of these animations will prove popular under this new strand which is part of the children’s service Cyw.

"It's a pleasure for us to welcome SuperTed, Wil Cwac Cwac, Sgerbydau and a lot of other iconic cartoons from the past back to S4C. A new generation of children in Wales will be able to enjoy various classic cartoons made in Wales over the last thirty years on Cyw Tiwb. We've only scheduled two hours, but if Cyw Tiwb appeals to the audiences, there are plenty of other episodes available in our archive."

For a full list of programmes please see the S4C schedule.

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