S4C Chairman welcomes supportive reference to S4C in BBC White Paper


Following the announcement of the White Paper on the future of the BBC today (12 May, 2016), the S4C Authority Chairman has welcomed the "specific and supportive reference to S4C".

Huw Jones, S4C Authority Chairman says; "I welcome the fact that the Government has included specific and supportive references to S4C in the White Paper on the future of the BBC.

"The references to ensuring the continued independence of S4C under the new provisions, together with the intention to ensure certainty and clarity of funding for the service, are to be welcomed greatly.

"The independent review of S4C, which is to take place in 2017, can be expected to pay more detailed attention to the precise means by which these principles will be put into effect in the long term, and we look forward to taking part in the public discussion about these matters when the time comes."


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