S4C and WJEC come together to set exciting communication challenges for young people in the community


The WJEC examination board and the Welsh television channel S4C have come together to create exciting communication challenges in the community for young people as part of the Welsh Baccalaureate National/Foundation and Advanced qualifications.

Students in schools and colleges across Wales are embarking on challenges to promote S4C programmes and services in collaboration with the channel’s communications’ team; Community Challenges which form part of the Skills Challenge Certificate at Key Stages 4 and 5.

It is possible for students in Welsh medium schools and those studying Welsh as a second language take on the challenges in the two Baccalaureates. The Baccalaureate is available to every school in Wales.

The Challenge for students studying for the National/Foundation Baccalaureate Key Stage 4, years 10 and 11, is to help the S4C communications team in promoting the channel’s programmes and services in their communities.

Students are expected to make a marketing plan to explain in detail how they will go about telling their communities what Welsh-language channel S4C has to offer; informing them about the programmes, when are they broadcast and what other services are available, such as on-line and n-demand viewing, apps, audio description and subtitles.

The Challenge for baccalaureate students on the Advanced level, Key Stage 5, years 12 and 13, is to attract more people to watch S4C and, as a consequence, encourage more people to use the Welsh language.

They will need to plan, organise and hold appropriate activities or a programme of events for the community; a project that will mean over 30 hours of work for a period of at least four weeks.

In both Challenges - in the National/Foundation and Advanced Baccalaureate - students can work individually or as part of a team (3-6 members) and can use a range of digital media, social media and print to promote programmes, series and services. In the process they will acquire new skills by receiving training from the S4C communications team.

Caroline Morgan, Welsh Baccalaureate Framework Manager said, “WJEC is pleased to launch the first of the challenge briefs produced in collaboration with S4C. Our Welsh Baccalaureate learners will gain valuable skills and experiences through the community challenges that have been produced. We are delighted to be working with S4C on this exciting development within the Welsh Baccalaureate.”

Gwyn Williams, S4C Director of Communications said, "S4C is always looking for creative ways to engage young people in the channel’s services and programmes. The Community Challenge is an exciting opportunity to promote S4C to potential viewers across Wales. Working together with our communications team and using the educational expertise of the WJEC, the students will develop communication skills invaluable for the digital age."

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