Warm-hearted postmistress beats off village crook in Pobol y Cwm all-time Legends poll


A gossipy larger-than-life postmistress beat off the challenge of one of the present-day village villains to be crowned the all-time Pobol y Cwm Legend in a special soap poll.

The vote was conducted as part of the S4C Legends season on the channel, packed with programmes about present and past myths and legends.

The poll result was revealed in a special programme entitled Cewri Cwmderi (Cwmderi Giants) broadcast on Thursday, 2 November, and is available to watch on demand at and BBC iPlayer.

Soap series producers BBC Wales asked viewers for their favourite Cwmderi character over the past 43 years ago, and one of the soap’s original characters, postmistress Magi Post came out on top.

Played by Harriet Lewis, the talkative Magi Post beat off one of the series’ present day wheeler and dealers, Garry Monk, played by Richard Lynch, for top spot.

Actor Harriet Lewis, who died in 1999, was brought up in Trebanos in the Swansea Valley. She started her career as a schoolteacher, later becoming a professional actress and one of Cwmderi's most familiar faces.

Presented by Radio One DJ Huw Stephens, an avid fan of the Welsh language soap series, Cewri Cwmderi’s top 10 included a mixture of present and past stars, with bad lass Sioned Charles, Dai and Diane, and the Jones family also in the mix.

Series editor, Llyr Morus said, "I'm delighted that Magi Post won the Legends poll award. It was a case of good beating off the less scrupulous and her natural portrayal of one of the valley’s most warm-hearted characters is an inspiration to all the present cast. I must add that it is a tribute to the talent of actor Richard Lynch that such an unprincipled character as Garry Monk could come second. But viewers love characters of passion and Garry, whatever you think of him, is full of spirit."

Gillian Elisa, who played Sabrina Harries, Magi Post’s post office assistant for many years in the series said, "Magi Post was a character you could never forget, she was a huge personality. She was so lively. If you heard her voice, you just had to look at the television. She was always performing and you knew that you were going to have fun if she was in the scene with you. Some said she was over the top, but some real-life characters are like that."

Huw Stephens, whose favourite character is a reformed village baddie, Mark Jones, said, "Congratulations to Magi Post. It is well deserved. But heaven knows who will be the poll winner in a few years' time, the soap series keeps on producing legendary characters."

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