S4C’s new weather website


Come rain or shine, on Monday 1 November S4C will launch its new weather website.

The website, which is delivered by Tinopolis, will provide the latest weather news in Wales in more detail than ever before. The website is in addition to the existing regular on-screen forecast bulletins.

S4C is working with the company Weather Central, which provides weather services to over 21 countries across the World. But, S4C will be the first broadcaster in Britain to use its unique 1km forecast service.

Adam Salkeld of Tinopolis says, “With the new S4C weather website you can enter any postcode in Wales and you will get a forecast for that exact street, neighbourhood, town or village. This is such a useful service if you are planning a barbecue or want to know when the frost may strike your garden.”

The service is launched in time for Fireworks Night. Use the website to find out if rain will dampen your bonfire or if strong winds will throw your rockets off course.

Chip Mobely, of Weather Central says, “On my visits to Wales I couldn’t help notice how variable the weather is. It can be sunshine in one place and rain right next door! That is why we are pleased to be working with S4C and Tinopolis to bring Wales an innovative new way of presenting the weather.”


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