S4C International to invest in new documentary series


S4C International, one of S4C’s commercial companies, is to invest £150,000 in a brand new documentary series exploring some of the world’s most fascinating islands.

Produced by Green Bay Media, Ynysoedd (Islands) is an epic six-part documentary series featuring the rich cultures and scenic beauty of some of the world’s most unique islands. The series will feature Iceland, Zanzibar, Cuba, Cyprus, Fiji and the Galapagos Islands and will be broadcast on S4C in 2011.

The series is a co-production between S4C, Green Bay, S4C International, the Wales Creative IP Fund and Parthenon Entertainment. S4C International was asked to invest following the administration of Barcud Derwen which was a prior partner in the production.

S4C Chief Executive Arwel Ellis Owen said: “S4C International undertakes commercial activities with a view to being able to support S4C’s public service function and is pleased to have the opportunity to invest in this exciting production.”

Green Bay’s Commercial Manager Gareth Fisher said: “With this investment from S4C International, we will be able to create a programme which will be seen and enjoyed by audiences in Wales and across the world.”


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