Julian is crowned king of the kitchen


Actor Julian Lewis Jones has been named the star of the kitchen in the S4C series Dudley Pryd o Sêr.

During three programmes over the Christmas period we have followed eight familiar faces - Julian Lewis Jones, Malcolm Allen, Heledd Cynwal, Gillian Elisa, Ifan Jones Evans, Siân Thomas, Lauren Phillips and Aled Hall – as they overcome a series of tough culinary challenges in an attempt to impress chef Dudley Newbery. The competition came to a close with an hour long final where the eight had to prepare a perfect three course meal.

There were plenty of tears and tantrums as the stars cracked under the pressure

“The experience has made me appreciate the hard work that goes on in a kitchen,” says the winner Julian Lewis Jones, “It’s so hot in there with the burners and stoves on all the time. We were drenched in sweat by the end of the day.

“But the pressure and busyness was a buzz. It’s a bit like performing on stage I suppose. You do your best and hope that they appreciate your hard work.”

Despite admitting that he is a competitive person, the win took him by surprise.

“It was a surprise, but I had hoped to win,” says Julian, “I am a quietly competitive person. I always do my best but I won’t shout or boast about it.

"I didn’t expect to win to tell the truth, because I made a mistake. But I was so angry with myself, I worked twice as hard to make up for it, so I’m sure the mistake worked in my favour in the end."

He said that he had learned a lot from the experience, and has enjoyed having the opportunity to prepare foods that he wouldn’t have made otherwise. Julian enjoys cooking, but his busy work schedule means there is little time for experimenting in the kitchen. Julian has just finished filming a documentary about Owain Glyndwr which will be broadcast on S4C around St David’s Day, and is due to start filming the second series of the Channel’s fishing programme ‘Sgota gyda Julian Lewis Jones.

You can watch Dudley Pryd o Sêr again online,

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