S4C Authority publishes Turner Report


The S4C Authority has today (Tuesday 29 November) published Richie Turner's Report following his review of the Channel's Efficiency and Innovation. The Authority has also published its response to the report's recommendations.

In its submission to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in August 2010, S4C stated that it would be conducting a root and branch review of all of S4C's activities. The first stage of that review was Sir Jon Shortridge's report on S4C's corporate governance which was published in February 2011. Following Sir Jon's report, the Authority charged S4C's chief executive with conducting a comprehensive review of the remainder of S4C's activities.

Numerous work groups and reports have looked at the commissioning process, the programme vision for 2012 and beyond, staffing and restructuring and efficiency and innovation within S4C's operations.

The work group tasked with reviewing S4C's internal efficiency and innovation commissioned Richie Turner of the University of Wales Global Academy to prepare a report.

The S4C Authority accepts the challenges set by the report and S4C's Management Team and the Authority have already taken steps to implement many of its recommendations.

During his survey Richie Turner sought the views and opinions of S4C staff and stakeholders and his report was submitted to the S4C Authority in July 2011.

Richie Turner was critical of the internal culture at S4C and of the way it communicated with its stakeholders. He offered a raft of recommendations to improve the management, culture and internal communications of S4C and made suggestions on improving efficiency and on promoting innovation. Many of the efficiency measures suggested by Richie Turner were underway at the time of writing the report and this progress was noted.

Huw Jones, Chair of the S4C Authority, said, "The Report is the result of work commissioned by S4C itself in order to help officers conduct a comprehensive review of the organisation's working practices. Bringing in an external person has allowed staff and outside suppliers to speak plainly and many of the messages being conveyed are uncomfortable and challenging ones.

"It is important that the Management Team and the Authority hear the messages, interpret them correctly and respond constructively to them. A great deal of work has been done already in this regard, as the Authority's response notes, but there is still more to be done. Although important announcements have been made in recent weeks which lay firm foundations for S4C's future, publishing this report today is a way of reminding ourselves of the importance of ensuring we make the best of the able staff we have and of the enthusiasm and talent of the independent producers and their teams.

"The matters raised are ones we will have to re-visit regularly over the coming months and years, especially in view of the budget cuts being implemented, so as to ensure that the processes of commissioning programmes and of providing the service take place in the most effective way possible."

Richie Turner said, "I welcome S4C's response and the progress they have made in implementing the changes recommended in my report. S4C should be commended for being open enough to ask for an independent review of their operational efficiency and innovative capabilities.

"The broadcaster now has the building blocks to create a more open and creative, ideas-driven organisation that fully reflects all aspects of Welsh culture and society."

The full report and S4C's response can be seen on


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