Special Celtic award for Burton


An S4C drama about world famous actor Richard Burton has been awarded one of the highest accolades of the Celtic Media Festival.

The feature length drama Burton: Y Gyfrinach?, produced by Greenbay Media, was awarded The Jury Award in a ceremony on Friday night, 20 April.

This special award is given for quality of production, direction, technical or craft excellence.

The jury were impressed by how well the production, the design, the direction and the narrative gelled to create a compelling work of art.

The director Dylan Richards said, “It’s an honour to receive this high accolade at the Celtic Media Festival. My thanks go to the entire team who worked tirelessly to produce this film. That includes the crew and the actors.

“Without their commitment and passion it would not have been possible. It truly was a labour of love.

“It was a challenging and ambitious project and sometimes that is necessary in order to stand out from the crowd.”

Ian Jones, S4C Chief Executive said, “Congratulations to everyone involved with this production. Burton: Y Gyfrinach? was one of the highlights of S4C’s Christmas and New Year schedule and it fully deserves the accolade for its excellent production.”

The film raised new questions about Richard Burton’s relationship with his older brother Ifor Jenkins. Richard Harrington took on the role of the world famous actor and Dafydd Hywel portrayed his brother Ifor.


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