An exciting opportunity to be part of an innovative Pobol y Cwm project


S4C is offering companies or individuals working in digital media a special opportunity for to be part of an innovative project.

Pobol y Cwm is one of S4C's most popular series, and during autumn 2012 BBC Cymru Wales will be producing a cross-platform project in order to attract a new younger audience and fresh talent to the brand.

To support S4C's Digital ambition and the launch of the Digital Fund, August 2012, S4C would like to offer the opportunity for companies or individuals to be part of the project.

It is an opportunity to work with the experienced drama team at Pobol y Cwm on a new cross-media project called 'PYC'. The project includes: Webisodes, Live Events, Online Communities, Digital Games, Social Media and Services on Location all over Wales.

Dafydd Rhys, S4C's Director of Content, says, "We are inviting people to come to us with ideas that could contribute to the project. It is an open invitation for a wide range of skills from new technology to alternative ways of telling a story.

"It's an exciting opportunity and we look forward to seeing the ideas as they come forward."

Sian Gwynedd, Head of Welsh Language Programmes and Services, BBC Cymru Wales said, "This is a great opportunity for Pobol y Cwm to take a fresh look at the way it works, and, through S4C, to work with the independent sector, to create a unique co-production for the digital age."

Candidates are required to outline how they can contribute creatively and technically to the project to ensure the success of the initiative and appeal to a new audience.

The project is an opportunity for S4C and BBC Cymru Wales to work together to extend the Pobol y Cwm brand and to develop new ways of storytelling.

The deadline is 7 September 2012. The budget is tight, so if you can bring extra money to the table, that would be very welcome.

If you think that you can contribute to this innovative cross-media project, please contact for an Information Pack.


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