Viewers to choose their favourite programmes to celebrate 30 years of S4C


Your Channel, your choice – viewers to choose their favourite programmes to celebrate 30 years of S4C

As part of S4C's 30th birthday celebrations, the viewers will get to decide which programmes will be shown on the Channel.

A special competition will allow the audience to choose their favourite from 30 of S4C's most popular programmes. There will be five categories, and following the votes the winning programme from each category will be aired on consecutive nights during the birthday week.

The poll will be launched on Heno on Thursday, 18 October, when the programmes that viewers can vote for will be revealed live on the programme. The five categories will be Children, Comedy, Entertainment/Music, Sports/Events and Drama.

There will be six options in each category and viewers can vote on S4C's website where the options will be revealed simultaneous to the announcement on Heno.

During the birthday week which runs from 29 October to 2 November, the programmes which have proved most popular will be announced live on Heno. As part of the excitement one lucky voter will win a television or an ipad each night live on the programme.

Angharad Mair, editor of Heno explains there is much anticipation at the thought of seeing some classic programmes on screen again:

"The crew here at Heno are looking forward to revealing which programmes are among the 30 most popular. As you can imagine, it has led to lively discussion here at the office – people are rooting for their favourite programmes and reminiscing about the classics as well.

"Once the votes have been cast, Heno will announce which programmes the viewers have chosen to see again on S4C during the birthday week. And don't forget that during that week five lucky voters will win a prize live on air as we give away televisions and ipads as part of the celebrations every night."

Dafydd Rhys, Director of Content at S4C said:

"The audience has been central to S4C's activities over the past 30 years so as part of the celebrations the viewers themselves will decide what's on the box as they vote for their favourite programmes in the archive competition.

"S4C has been integral to the lives of many people in Wales since the Channel was established and our programmes have become part of childhood memories for generations of viewers. That's a very special thing and I hope the viewers will enjoy hours of nostalgic pleasure as they watch their favourite programmes again."

Click here to visit the S4C30 website and to cast your vote


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