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  • Colleen Ramsey

    Colleen Ramsey

    calendar Friday, 12 January 2024

  • Cheese and potato pie pie


    • short crust pastry
    • cheddar mash – premade
    • 2 leeks
    • butter
    • ham hock
    • grated cheddar
    • grated red leicester


    1. Preheat oven to 170 fan
    2. Line a deep pie dish with ready roll pastry. Prick with fork. Add greaseproof paper and baking beans or rice and blind bake until pastry cooked through.
    3. Remove beans and set aside to cool. Fry your leeks in butter and season well then set aside to cool.
    4. Layer half the pie with leeks and ham hock and the other half with the cheeses. Add cheese mash to piping bag and layer over leak and ham side and repeat layers.
    5. Pop the pastry lid on. Brush with egg and bake for 20 minutes or until pastry is cooked through and a nice colour. Cool the pie completely at room temperature.

    Recipe by Colleen Ramsey (Colleen Ramsey: Bywyd a Bwyd).

    Instagram: @colleen_ramsey

    Twitter: @_C_Ramsey

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