The Cyw App - 'Ap Byd Cyw'

The Byd Cyw app is an opportunity to lead your your child through a world of fun and colour to play and discover together.

The app includes games, music and characters to keep your child company and take them on an adventure. You can also listen also to bedtime stories within the app, new stories will be added seasonally.


The app is a safe place for your children wander and discover. Any photos and data remain within the app. It is not possible to access the open web from the app's play areas.

How to use the app


Users need to create a profile in order to use the app, (up to a maximum of 4 profiles) Each profile is unique to the child and will remember your child's game and what they have achieved. Take a picture and name the profile.

Tap the settings icon to change the user, control the audio level and gain access to the grown ups section.

To view information for adults in the app, tap the settings icon, and then the grown ups icon. You will need to type in the number, this ensures that only adults have access to this section.

The grown ups area has informative statistics about your child's use of the ap.


Cyw's Garden

This is the first section you see when opening the app. Cyw takes care of her allotment, the user needs to help her sow the seeds, water and care for the plants as they grow.

Children can earn extra seeds by playing games and exploring the rest of the app.

Farm Game: Help Cyw cut the grass before nightfall by moving the tractor around the field. The tractor can be controlled by touching, moving or turning the device.

Bolgi's Picnic

Bolgi's favorite thing to do is eat, and his picnic blanket is out ready for a feast. You can choose music as he enjoys the sunshine, and of course users can help him eat food! Drag the music icons to the radio to hear the songs.


Llew loves his mane, users can display flowers from Cyw's garden here by dragging them to the pot.


Jangl adroes her shed, you can win patterns and furniture to decorate it by playing the app. Why not have a go on her racing car, or jump on her counting stones?

Night-time in Cyw's World

The night-time mode turns Bolgi's radio into a library of exclusive bedtime stories, and activates a calming and relaxed atmosphere within the app to prepare for sleep. Press and hold the day/night icon to activate this mode.

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