History Education Resource: Amser Maith Maith yn Ôl

This week, S4C in partnership with the Welsh Government has launched an education pack to accompany a children's history series on S4C.

Visit https://ammyo.peniarth.cymru/

The pack, which is based on the history series Amser Maith, Maith yn Ôl contains 100 teaching hours for children aged 5 to 9 and supports the existing curriculum and the new educational curriculum that will be formally introduced to classes in 2022. This is the first time that such an education pack has been produced in Welsh with support from Canolfan Peniarth.

With Welsh history at the centre of it all, the pack is available to teachers, parents and pupils on the Hwb website. It includes 72 interactive activities to accompany all the episodes of Amser Maith, Maith yn Ôl and meets requirements across the education curriculum.

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