Antur Cyw App now available in Breton and Cornish

Well-known brand Cyw is spreading her wings and flying beyond Wales!

Join Cyw, Bolgi, Jangl, Plwmp, Triog - or Kiou, Jirafenn, Leon, Ki, Olifant, Laouenan (Breton) and Kyw, Tybi, Lew, Skav, Oli and Deryn (Cornish)!

After a period of collaboration with representatives from Brittany and Cornwall, S4C's popular Cyw App, App Antur Cyw, is now available in the Breton and Cornish languages.

Originally launched in April 2020, the App provides children with space to play, learn and have fun in a variety of entertaining and educational activities. In the Cyw Adventure Park, you can fish to complete words at the fair, count on the farm, get on the spelling train, compose music, colour and more.

Rhodri ap Dyfrig, S4C's Online Content Commissioner, said:

"It's so nice to be able to launch this special app. After a chat at the Celtic Media Festival in Scotland in 2019, the idea came to work together and share resources, to encourage and support other minority languages.

"Not only does this app help children with numeracy and literacy skills and to discover other languages similar to Welsh, it is also accessible to adults and parents who are interested in learning Welsh, Cornish or Breton words.

"Minority languages supporting and helping one another is something to celebrate, and it's great that S4C has a central role in launching the Antur Cyw App in three Celtic languages."

Mael Le Guennec, Head of Breton Programmes, France Télévisions, said:

"We have never had something of this quality in Breton. This is an engaging App that can be used by children and adults alike. Adults, as well as children, are also learning Breton, and are always looking for something easy and fun to help.

"It is good for people to discover that we are not the only Celtic language that exists. It is hard for some to understand that there are other Celtic languages, that are close to our language.

"This is a wonderful tool, and we're very happy that S4C wanted to collaborate and share it with us."

Denzil Monk, Producer and owner of Bosena, an independent film production company based in Cornwall, said:

"This app is very important. There are a few Cornish resources available for early years - some books and a handful of apps. But there is very little, and even less that's this engaging with the quality of learning that exists within this app. It is certainly a step up for what is available in the Cornish language.

"It's great to have the Cornish, Breton and Welsh languages working together. It's unique to have all three languages together, and this app will certainly raise the profile of these languages in the future."

The Antur Cyw App is available for free on Apple, Android and Amazon platforms and you can choose which language you would like to use after downloading.

Play, laugh, learn with Cyw!

Chwerthin, chwarae a dysgu gyda Cyw!

C'hoarzhin, c'hoari ha deskiñ gant Kiou!

Hwerthin, gwari ha dyski gans Kyw!

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