Alpine Plants

In the garden at Pont-y-Tŵr, Sioned continues on the alpine theme, showing us how to recreate Meinir’s rockery on an even smaller scale.

Aethionema Kotschyi

Aethionema Kotschyi

Tiny tufted perennial with tight blue-green foliage forming a small bun.

Heads of rich pink flowers on 6-10cm stems in Spring.

Rare in cultivation.

For an open and very well drained position, preferably on limestone.

Good for trough, scree or alpine house.

Sempervivum arachnoideum v. laggeri

Sempervivum arachnoideum v. laggeri

Cobweb Houseleek.

Tiny, evergreen rosettes with red tips and tightly webbed with fine hairs.

Full sun and good drainage.

Excellent for troughs, walls and pathways.

Pink flowers.


Hypericum balearicum

Small evergreen subshrub to 40-50cm with dark green slightly corrugated leaves.

Typical yellow flowers 2-3cm in diameter are produced in mid summer.

Any well drained soil in sun or shade.

Best pruned each spring to keep compact.

Globularia bellidifolia ‘Horts’

Globularia bellidifolia 'Horts'

Compact mats of dark green, evergreen leaves, covered with rounded heads of rich blue button flowers on 4-5cm stems in Spring.

Superb trough plants and good for well drained scree.

Achillea x lewisii King Edward

Achillea x lewisii King Edward

Pretty evergreen mat forming plant with lemon yellow flowers, May-July.

Dissected grey green foliage.

10-15cm high x 30-40cm spread.

Well drained soil in full sun.

Erigeron Canary Bird

Erigeron 'Canary Bird'

Compact free flowering yellow daisy which makes an excellent plant for showing.

Also suitable for trough or scree.

8-10cm high, 20cm spread.

Flowers all summer.

Dianthus ‘Eileen Lever’

Dianthus 'Eileen Lever'

Many well formed short stemmed pink flowers on a tight symmetrical rounded cushion about 10cm high.

Raised bed, scree, trough, tufa or alpine house.

Sun and good drainage.

Saxifraga Alan Hayhurst

Saxifraga 'Alan Hayhurst'

Old and rare variety with panicles of white flowers heavily marked with red spots arranged in stripes from the centre of the petal to the base.

Attractive silvery recurving rosettes.

Best for scree, trough, tufa or wall in an open position.


Phlox douglasii 'Zigeunerblut'

New deep red cushion forming phlox, 6-12cm high x 20-30cm across, covered with deep red flowers in April/May.

For well drained soil in an open position:

Rockery, raised bed, wall or trough.

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