Iona's Garden

Iona got in touch with the team to try and bring some more interest and colour to her border in the garden. Although they've lived there for the past 10 years, the garden hasn't had much attention…

Dogwood (Latin: Cornus) 


Dogwoods are grown for their range of brightly coloured bark that looks at its best around Christmas and into the new year. They are vigorous, versatile shrubs that do best in damper soils. Cut down during Spring to promote new growth and to keep those colours looking bright the following winter.

Lesser Periwinkle (Latin: Vinca Major/Minor)

Vinca Minor

We chose the Vinca Minor which is less invasive than its cousin the Vinca Major. It still fills up any empty spaces quite quickly and produces beautiful blue flowers.

This hardy plant needs very little attention once established.

Happy in most soil types and will grow in shade.

Betula ‘Jacquemontil’ (Latin: Betula utiis var. Jacquemontii)

Betula utiis var. 'Jacquemontii' is one of the most striking trees available in the garden design palatte, and is especially useful for smaller spaces.

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