Press Pack W50: 7 December - 13 December

1. Rownd a Rownd

Ceri Elen Morris is joining the cast of Rownd a Rownd and her character Fflur turns the lives of several of the other characters upside down.

2. Sgorio – Y Barri v Y Seintiau Newydd

As Barry Town United prepare to welcome The New Saints to Jenner Park in a live Sgorio match, we speak to former Wales midfielder Owain Tudur Jones to look ahead to the game.

3. Pobol y Cwm

An interview with Pontypridd actor Alun ap Brinley as his character Jim Probert, the hot-headed builder, faces an uncertain future.


Pobol y Cwm

What's happening in Cwmderi?

Rownd a Rownd

What's happening in the twice-weekly soap?

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