Press Pack W16: 11 April - 17 April

1. Fferm Ffactor Selebs

A tractor-full of some of Wales's best-known faces will be venturing into the farmyard for a brand-new series of Fferm Ffactor!

2. FFIT Cymru

As people become accustomed to living differently while self-isolating at home, the television series FFIT Cymru will continue to spread positivity and inspirational ideas across the nation.

3. Y Byd ar Bedwar

At a time when journalism is more important than ever, Siôn Jenkins joins Dot Davies to present the new series of Y Byd ar Bedwar.


Pobol y Cwm

What's happening in Cwmderi?

Rownd a Rownd

What's happening in the twice-weekly soap?

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