Press Pack W28: 4 July - 10 July

1.Miwsig fy Mywyd

A programme which celebrates more than 30 years of Glanaethwy School with Rhian and Cefin Roberts in the company of Tudur Owen.

2. Pobol y Cwm: Dai

The actor Emyr Wyn takes a look back at his character Dai 'Sgaffalde' Ashurst – the short-tempered builder who has been part of the history of Cwmderi since the early days.

3. Sgwrs Dan y Lloer

Musician and composer Robat Arwyn invites Elin Fflur to his garden for a coffee and a chat in the latest episode of Sgwrs Dan y Lloer.


Rownd a Rownd

What's happening in the twice-weekly soap?

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