Press Pack W46: 7 November - 13 November

1. Anrhegion Melys Richard Holt

Top pastry chef Richard Holt creates out-of-this-world cakes to thank and celebrate some very special people. New series.

2. Adre

Nia Parry takes a peek inside the homes of some of Wales's familiar faces in a new series of Adre. This time we travel to the Llŷn Peninsula and the home of author and presenter Anni Llŷn.

3. Jonathan

The popular series returns with a host of celebrity guests, challenging games and hilarious items, to bring some of the fun of an autumn international weekend to the living rooms of the nation.

4. Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

Nia Roberts visits Liverpool in a special programme for Remembrance Sunday. We learn more about the children who came as evacuees to Wales and the strong links between the city and North Wales.


Pobol y Cwm

What's happening in Cwmderi?

Rownd a Rownd

What's happening in the twice-weekly soap?

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