Press Pack W1: 2 January - 8 January

1. Canu Gyda Fy Arwr

If you had the choice to share a stage with anyone, who would you choose? This is exactly what happens in a new series on S4C.

TX: Sunday 3 January, 8.00

2. Bwyd Epic Chris

It's time that we in Wales support and celebrate local food that comes from our land and seas. So says the chef Chris Roberts who is returning to S4C with a new series.

TX: Monday 4 January, 8.30

3. Heno: Llinos Lee

At the start of 2021, Barry based presenter Llinos Lee, shares some of her hopes for a better year ahead.

TX: Weeknights, 7.00


Pobol y Cwm

What's happening in Cwmderi?

Rownd a Rownd

What's happening in the twice-weekly soap?

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