Press Pack W28: 10 July - 16 July
Celebrating Wales's beaches on S4C

Get ready for a trip to the seaside. For an entire week, S4C will be offering a feast of fascinating programmes celebrating the very best of Wales's beaches.

Between 12-17 July, through documentaries, current affairs and entertainment, we take a look at some of Wales's most beautiful beaches, and one of them will be a location for a very special live edition of Priodas Pum Mil (£5k Wedding).

1. Sgwrs Dan y Lloer Ar Y Traeth

Hour-long special in which Elin Fflur will hear about the career and colourful life of the comedian and singer from Glynneath, Max Boyce.

TX: Monday 12 July, 9.00, S4C

2. DRYCH: Y Bermo

A documentary which follows the residents of an unique seaside town which lies in the shadow of Cader Idris.

TX: Tuesday 13 July 9.00, S4C

3. Am Dro! Ar Lan y Môr

In this special episode, we are taken on four beautiful coastal walks.

TX: Wednesday 14 July 9.00, S4C

4. Cynefin

The team visit Nefyn to discover more about the maritime history of the town and surrounding area.

TX: Thursday 15 July 9.00, S4C

5. Priodas Pum Mil O'r Traeth

Trystan Ellis-Morris and Emma Walford return with a rather unusual challenge - arranging a wedding on one of Wales' glorious beaches, that will be broadcast live on S4C.

TX: Friday 16 July 7.00 and 8.00, S4C


Throughout the week, from Monday to Friday the series Glannau Cymru o'r Awyr (Wales's Coast from the Air) will give us an bird's eye view of our beaches as it travels to various parts of the coast; from the Severn bridges to North East Wales.

The whole amazing journey will be available to view continuously on Saturday 17 July at 9.30am.

A variety of the channel's regular programmes will be getting into the spirit of the maritime week also as Prynhawn Da and Heno broadcast from Llanelli beach while there will be seaside-themed items on Garddio a Mwy (Gardening and More).

Welsh Beaches Week on S4C is being sponsored by Visit Wales.


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