Press Pack W32: 6 August - 12 August

1. Gwyliau Cartref

New series which follows groups of families and friends as they go on a holiday not too far from home.

TX: Tuesday 9 August 9.00, S4C

2. Cymro Cryfa

Programme which follows some of the nation's powerhouses as they battle for the right to call themselves Wales's Strongest Man – but who won the coveted title?

TX: Saturday 6 August 7.30, S4C

3. Pobol y Cwm: Cai Rossiter

Cai Rossiter is back and he's already causing problems in Cwmderi – an interview with Rhys ap William who plays the loveable rogue.

TX: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8.00pm, S4C. Omnibus every Sunday evening.

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