Press Pack W50: 10 December - 16 December

1. FFIT Cymru: 6 Mis Wedyn

The FFIT Cymru journey was truly a transformative experience for the show's five leaders earlier this year – but has that journey continued over the last six months?

TX: Thursday 15 December 9.00pm, S4C

2. Rygbi Ewrop: Caerdydd v Brive a Rygbi Ewrop: Gweilch v Caerlŷr -

Rugby giants from France and England will visit Swansea over the coming months and each of the Ospreys' games will be shown live on S4C. Interview with commentator Lauren Jenkins.

TX: Saturday 10 December, 5.15pm and Sunday 11 December, 5.15pm, S4C

3. Bwrdd i Dri: Caerdydd

This time the table for three is set in the Capital City which is home to our three enthusiastic chefs.

TX: Friday 16 December 8.00, S4C


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