Denzil waves goodbye to Pobol y Cwm

05 January 2012

 On Wedi 7 tonight (Thursday 5 January at 19:00. English subtitles) actor Gwyn Elfyn will discuss the end of an era as the character Denzil Rees bows out of Pobol y Cwm.

Gwyn has played the role of Denzil for over 27 years and the character will leave the drama during January, although exactly how is kept under wraps for the time being.

During this month, a mystery illness hits Cwmderi with many of the residents falling ill. Fear keeps everyone indoors, and the panic spreads when taxi driver Gwilym is found dead at the Deri Deithio office.

In addition to the illness, Sioned’s recent behavior has been causing heartache for Denzil. The father's relationship with his daughter was shattered when he found out she had attempted to poison Anti Marian in a bid to get her hands on more of her money.

"Sioned has gone too far this time, there's no turning back for them," says Gwyn Elfyn.

"I think that Denzil has had enough. Sioned has had her own way for far too long because her parents have been over compensating after the loss of her brother at a very young age," says Gwyn, who says that the story when Sioned’s twin, John, died as a baby was the most harrowing he’s ever acted.

After years of being a crutch for others, perhaps now is the time for Denzil to put himself first. Is there a chance for happiness at last in his relationship with Nancy, despite his daughter’s disapproval?

"He regrets not putting a stop to Sioned’s behaviour sooner, but he feels no guilt about putting himself first for once. Who knows what's around the corner?"

Series producer Ynyr Williams is grateful for Gwyn’s contribution to Pobol y Cwm.

“Every series needs big story lines and Denzil’s exit will be one of the biggest in the history of the programme. After nearly 28 commendable years on the show it’s a sad time and the end of an era but also a new start.”



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