S4C’s "Silver Surfers" cast their vote

27 February 2012

 The S4C viewers vote to discover Hymn for Wales 2012 has been a huge success.

During February the series Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol have been asking viewers to vote for their favourite hymn, from a shortlist of 20 which were selected by a panel of experts. The vote has now closed, and the count has begun.

According to Avanti, the production company responsible for the series, the special voting postcards, which were distributed all over Wales, have been arriving back at the production office on a daily basis.

But, given the popularity of the series among the Channel’s older viewers, the team were surprised to see how many chose to cast their vote through the website.

The series Producer Dafydd Parry says, "It seems that we have a strong contingency of silver surfers in Wales given the numbers who have been visiting the Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol website to cast their vote."

But Dafydd is not willing to disclose which hymn has come out on top.

"People will have to come to the special Cymanfa Ganu at Pafiliwn Bont, Pontrhydfendigaid if they want to find out in advance which hymn has been voted Hymn for Wales 2012.

"The Gymanfa is held on Friday 2 March starting at 7.00pm, and it will all be recorded for a special programme," adds Dafydd.

At the event, Alwyn Humphreys will lead the congregational singing as the 12 most popular hymns are sung according to the result of the vote leading to the one which came out on top.

Tickets are free. Contact Avanti on 02920 838 137 or visit the website s4c.co.uk/dechraucanu to book your seat.

The special edition of Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol will be broadcast on S4C on Sunday 11 March at 8.00pm.



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