Velindre Cancer Centre provides setting for S4C film

13 December 2013

The Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff has doubled up as a film set for a new S4C film.

The drama Reit Tu Ôl i Ti (Right Behind You) is broadcast on Sunday, 15 December 9.00pm (English subtitles) and tells the emotional story of a husband and wife, Dewi and Megan, as they come face to face with cancer and the impact it has on their relationship and family – for better or for worse.

There is nothing extraordinary about Dewi and Megan's story. Thousands of families live with cancer every day. People go through very tough times, of pain and grief, but despite this they do come through it and life goes on and this is the film's hopeful message.

Some scenes were filmed with the co-operation of the Velindre Cancer Centre's staff and patients, who also feature as extras. For the film's lead actors, it was a humbling experience.

Rhian Morgan, who has starred in S4C dramas Teulu and Pobol y Cwm, plays the role of Megan. Rhian says, "There is one scene where my character goes for her first chemotherapy treatment session. The people you see either side of me are real patients receiving real treatment. The staff and patients helped me a lot. I could ask them anything and they spoke honestly and openly about how the cancer had affected them."

The role of Dewi is played by Matthew Gravelle, who has a personal connection with the Centre.

"I had never been there before, but 14 years ago my mother went there when she was treated for breast cancer," says Matthew, who has starred in recent popular series such as Y Gwyll / Hinterland on S4C and ITV's Broadchurch. "For the people who go there for treatment, Velindre becomes the centre of their world, and it's such a positive place to be, it was inspiring."

Velindre Cancer Centre says they were happy to help with the making of a film.

Andrea Hague, Director of Velindre Cancer Centre, said: “The positive atmosphere that the actors in this drama experienced during their filming is typical of our patients and staff. Velindre Cancer Centre offers the highest standards of care and we are committed to further improving on our position as one of the top cancer specialist centres in the UK.

“I’m proud that our staff and patients could help with the making of this film, which highlights the impact that cancer has on people’s lives.”

Reit Tu Ôl i Ti is on S4C on Sunday 15 December 9.00pm. English subtitles are available. Or watch online, and catch up, on s4c.co.uk/clic


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