Blooming rainbow brightens up Bryn Beryl

25 June 2020

Over the last few months, the rainbow has become a prominent symbol of hope and gratitude.

They can be seen in windows all over the country as a token of appreciation to those who have worked tirelessly to protect us through Covid-19.

And in dark days, kind acts can light up the lives of key workers and anyone who has suffered as a result of the coronavirus.

So, when workers at Ysbyty Bryn Beryl, Pwllheli, discovered that a rainbow themed flower bed had appeared in the hospital grounds, they were over the moon.

"The floral rainbow is fantastic, well worth seeing. I felt quite emotional when I first saw it.

"I have shown pictures to the patients on Llynfor Ward, they are also very grateful. It was really nice to see smiles on their faces." Hospital Matron Rhona Jones said.

The rainbow and the colourful flower beds at either side of it will be a lasting symbol of the dedication of the NHS workers who have been involved in transforming the community hospital into a Covid-19 treatment center.

"We will make sure our special rainbow is watered daily to keep it alive and colourful. Big thanks to the Garddio a Mwy (Gardening and More) team for this amazing project" added Rhona.

Meinir Gwilym, who presents and produces the Garddio a Mwy TV series explains how the idea came to life.

"My co-presenters, Sioned and Iwan, and I had planned to work on the hospital gardens as part of the new series.

"We were so disappointed when lockdown happened and we had to cancel.

"So, we started planning a little surprise to say thank you to the dedicated staff for their contribution to the community during these turbulent times.

"Making sure the display incorporated all of the colors of the rainbow took a lot of organisation. The finished beds had to be showstoppers - full of colour and joy.

"Getting the right plants proved to be quite challenging, as the garden centers had been forced to close at a time they would usually order plants and prepare for the busy summer season.

"By the time we were due to go to Bryn Beryl to plant arrived, we felt the most difficult part of the project, getting the flowers in the right colour, had been done.

"Creating the garden was an honour for Sioned and I.

"It's worth every bit of effort knowing how welcoming it is for everyone who arrives at the hospital.

"Hopefully it will make the staff smile as they arrive for their shift as well as be a sign of good luck to the patients who have recovered enough to start their journey home - some have been there for a very long time."

This special episode of Garddio a Mwy will hit the screen at 8.25 on Monday 29 June .

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