​S4C shares online achievements in a forum with the United Nations

9 November 2020

S4C will share the good practice and recent successes of their Hansh digital platform, at an international conference - the Internet Governance Forum organised by the United Nations on Monday 9 November.

For the first time this year, the conference will be held virtually and hundreds of delegates from around the world are expected to join in the discussions.

This will be the 15th conference to be organised by the United Nations discussing web governance, and this is the first time that S4C has participated.

S4C will discuss Hansh's successes and the positive impact on minority languages. There will also be a discussion on S4C's digital strategy and the developments of S4C Clic.

Hansh was launched in 2017 as a digital platform for 16-34 year olds.

The service has grown and developed to include comedy, current affairs, ted talks and pieces covering a wide range of topics affecting young people today.

Hansh attracted over one million viewing sessions in March 2020 and the platform continues to grow.

"I am delighted that S4C's work with Hansh is being recognised internationally as a successful scheme" said Rhodri ap Dyfrig who will lead S4C's presentation at the forum.

"Hansh has successfully created a unique online Welsh language society, which promotes culture and attracts young people who would not normally turn to S4C content linearly."

"This conference is an opportunity for us to share good practice and show how the platform has developed in recent years.

"I am very proud of this opportunity to put S4C, Wales and the Welsh language on an international stage."

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