Betsan Powys' personal experience of the coronavirus

18 November 2020

The headlines of the news this year are unavoidable, and every story is somehow related to one thing - the coronavirus.

That will also be the focus of the next programme of Pawb a Farn which will broadcast on S4C on Wednesday 25 November at 21.00.

Various topics will be discussed this time including the latest state of the virus and vaccine, unemployment figures, the economy and brexit. Betsan Powys will be at the helm of organising the questioning.

Betsan will speak from experience as she, her partner and their children tested positive for the virus some weeks ago.

Betsan was in bed for a few days feeling unwell, but her partner Dylan spent two periods in hospital fighting the virus and its symptoms.

"The four of us went for a test at Cardiff City Football Stadium, and we managed to get an appointment in just a few hours." said Betsan

"The children showed little to no symptoms, but Dylan and I had a general feeling of being unwell."

Betsan, Dylan and their two children all tested positive for the virus and as she started to recover after some days Dylan's condition got worse.

"I couldn't smell or taste anything and it took a long time to come back but for Dylan it was a lot more serious.

"He went to the hospital and we couldn't see each other - that was very difficult."

"I was standing at the Heath car park looking at Dylan remotely through one of the small windows of the hospital.

"That was the only way I could offer him any kind of support."

"One thing that Dylan and I felt was that we were very lucky to have caught the virus in the second wave.

"Systems were in place, drugs were available and the terrific staff of the NHS had become used to dealing with the virus by then. "

Betsan took over as the new presenter of Pawb a'i Farn back in July following Dewi Llwyd's departure from the programme after over 21 years of service.

"We hope this new look series gives everyone, wherever they are, the opportunity to have a voice and share their views.

"It's a very busy programme with guests in the studio, on screen at venues across Wales and contributing on social media."

"Everyone is welcome to join in the debate and the aim is to give the audience the opportunity to put their questions to the politicians. "

"There is no doubt that the pandemic is affecting everyone, but certainly I feel very lucky that the four of us is feeling better."

To voice your opinion, or to ask a question, please contact Tinopolis TV at pawbaifarn@tinopolis.com.

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