Bang scoops top prize at Edinburgh TV Awards

18 November 2020

Drama series Bang has won a prize in this year's Edinburgh TV Awards. The series produced by Joio for S4C was among the winners announced on Wednesday, 18 November alongside top dramas including Chernobyl and Succession.

The Green Award was awarded to the cast and crew of the series in recognition of their efforts to ensure that Bang was produced sustainably. This is the first time that the award has been presented and the development of this new category is an indication of the importance the industry now places on producers to lessen their carbon footprint when creating television programmes.

The series producers ensured that systems were in place to re-cycle sets and costumes, to lessen the need to travel and to compost food waste. By locating the series in an old secondary school in the middle of Port Talbot the team were able to set up offices and shoot most of the series in one location and encourage staff to travel to work by train. The company will now share its best practices with the industry in Wales.

"We were determined to take steps to lessen our carbon footprint as we started shooting the second series of Bang," said Roger Williams, series senior producer and director of production company Joio.

"By considering the environmental implications from the very beginning, we were able to organise our work more efficiently in order to operate in a greener way. By leading with this message and ensuring that systems were in place, the precedent was set for all those who worked with us to play their part in ensuring that Bang was as green as possible."

Gwenllian Gravelle, S4C's Drama Commissioner, said: "We are extremely proud that Bang has won this award. The Green Award is a welcome recognition as we aim to work more sustainably with producers in the future. We all have a duty to do our bit and reduce our carbon footprint, and this award acknowledges the industry's efforts. Many congratulations to Roger and production company Joio for all the hard work which led to them winning this prestigious award."

Bang was produced by S4C in conjunction with Welsh Government. The series has been viewed in countries including the United States, Canada and New Zealand. The first series won Best Drama award at Bafta Cymru and the Celtic Media Festival.

The prestigious Edinburgh TV Awards celebrate the best of the television industry in this country and overseas.


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