​S4C announces new commission of Tipyn o Stad

2 December 2020

Fans all over Wales will be pleased to hear that S4C has commissioned a new drama series called STAD - a sequel to the popular Tipyn o Stad series.

The new series will revisit the adventures of the Maes Menai estate ten years later with a few new faces joining the cast. The series ended in 2008 following seven successful series.

The new series is produced by Cwmni Da and Triongl with the scripts written by Angharad Elen.

Gwenllian Gravelle, S4C's Drama Commissioner, said:

"I am delighted to announce a new commission for this popular series set in Caernarfon.

"The appeal of the previous series became clear recently as a new wave of young people flocked to S4C Clic to watch the Tipyn o Stad box sets.

"There is certainly a real desire to re-embrace the lives of the colourful characters of this original drama while also introducing new characters."

The Tipyn o Stad box sets on S4C Clic recently attracted 237,328 viewing sessions.

STAD will begin filming in 2021 with the series on screen in 2022.

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