​"FFIT Cymru was the driving test, and then you learn to drive for yourself."

9 December 2020

A person can achieve a lot in six weeks, as the leaders of FFIT Cymru proved to the nation earlier this year. But what have they managed to achieve in the six months since the end of the series?

The answer to that all-important question will be revealed in a special programme, FFIT Cymru: 6 Mis Wedyn on Thursday 10 December on S4C.

All five leaders, Kevin, Ruth, Elen, Rhiannon and Iestyn, succeeded in losing a significant amount of weight, improve their health and inspire viewers and loved ones to look after themselves a bit better – and all that during a global pandemic.

In this programme, we'll hear the stories behind the transformations and hear how FFIT Cymru has helped steer their lives in a healthier and happier direction.

Dentist Elen Rowlands, from Ruthin, managed to lose a stone and nine pounds during the series.

Elen said: "I feel great. Before, I wasn't happy in anything I wore, and I would wear a black, high-neck outfit to take attention away from my body.

"But now, there is no better feeling that buying clothes and them being too big for me, so that I have to try on a smaller size.

"It's as though FFIT Cymru was the driving test and then you learn to drive for yourself, by adapting the plan around your lifestyle."

Since the end of the series, Rhiannon Harrison, a mother of two young boys from Aberystwyth, has become engaged with her partner Gethin. She managed to shed a stone and 10 pounds during the series.

Rhiannon said: "As a mum, you never take time for yourself – I was right down at the bottom of the list.

"But I started to make a bit of time for myself, started working out and that really helped my mental health.

"I can't believe some of the things I used to tell myself and the way I would describe myself. It was so unhealthy and unkind. If you have a positive mental attitude, you are more likely to succeed."

In the six months since the end of the series, the health of Kevin Jones from Ruthin has continued to improve, with his blood sugar levels having reduced enough for him to stop having to take medication to combat type two diabetes.

The radiographer, who is a father of four, step father of four and husband to Pam, has also developed a keen interest in walking.

During the same period, mother-of-three Ruth Evans, from Llanllwni, has also enjoyed going on walks and has also started playing golf. But has she regained enough self-confidence to finally go on a date?

Finally, there is Iestyn Owen Hopkins, who lost a staggering three-and-a-half stone in six weeks during the series – and a lot more has changed for him since then, both personally and professionally.

Iestyn, who is originally from Caernarfon, said: "I feel like a new person. To think how I was six months ago and how I am now, I'm a totally different person on the inside and outside.

"So much has changed over the last six months and the most important lesson I've learnt is to always have faith in yourself."

So after a successful six weeks, has the transformation continued for the FFIT Cymru leaders, and have they continued to lose weight?

Watch FFIT Cymru: 6 Mis Wedyn to find out.

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