A musical Christmas surprise for Pobol y Cwm viewers

21 Rhagfyr 2020

There will be a special Christmas surprise for the fans of the popular soap opera Pobol y Cwm as they switch on the television and enjoy the dramas and dilemmas of the residents of Cwmderi over the festive season.

At the beginning of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day episodes, viewers will get to enjoy a Christmassy version of Pobol y Cwm's well-known theme tune by none other than Band Pres Llareggub (Llareggub Brass Band)!

Leader of Band Pres Llareggub Owain Roberts said: "The song is iconic in so many ways – so it was great to have the opportunity to put a new twist on it by using the sound of a brass band, a sound that is associated with Christmas."

"We had a lot of fun and we also had the opportunity to experiment with sleigh bells and tubular bells. We have also fitted in a little hint of carols into the song – so there's a challenge for Pobol y Cwm viewers – name the two or three carols we have worked in to the Christmas version!"

Nest Gwenllian Roberts, Pobol y Cwm Series Producer is thrilled with Band Pres Llareggub's treatment of the theme tune.

Nest Gwenllian said: "Everybody likes a surprise present at Christmas time, and this is one of the presents Pobol y Cwm is giving this year. Christmas to me is all about hearing a brass band play on the high Street or in the supermarket, so I was keen to celebrate the festive season without leaving the house.

"I'm a big fan of Band Pres Llareggub, so they were the natural choice to get to grips with the task and put their own Christmassy stamp on the famous Pobol y Cwm theme tune. It was a wonderful experience working with the band and bringing a little flavour of Christmas to Cwmderi."

So, come and enjoy the festive season with the residents of Cwmderi and Band Pres Llareggub in Pobol y Cwm on Christmas Eve and double bill on Christmas Day at 8.00pm on S4C.

Pobol y Cwm Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 8.00, S4C English subtitles available On demand: S4C Clic, iPlayer and other platforms A BBC Wales production for S4C

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