New series of Craith in production

11 March 2021

Having had some glorious sunny spells at the beginning of March, most of us are pleased to say goodbye to winter and welcome the spring.

Production company Severn Screen however, is already looking forward to colder and darker nights as they start shooting another series of Craith.

Discussing the dark, mysterious drama, producer Hannah Thomas said:

"It's nice to get the crew back together to shoot the third series of Craith. Bringing the characters DCI Cadi John (Sian Reese-Williams) and DS Owen Vaughan (Sion Alun Davies) back to life is such an exciting process.

"Without revealing too much, Cadi and Vaughan will tackle another murder case after a body is found in suspicious circumstances. And, we get another chance to find out a bit more about their lives outside of work.

"Some familiar faces will join the cast for the first time; including Gwen Elis, Rhian Blythe and Sion Ifan.

"We also welcome some relatively new names, such as Justin Melluish, a talented actor who has gained experience performing on stage with inclusive theatre company, Hijinx."

The series will be filmed side-by-side in Welsh and English and broadcast on BBC Wales as Hidden.

S4C drama commissioner Gwenllian Gravelle said:

"Through the success of the first two series, viewers are familiar with Craith's captivating format of asking 'whydunnit' rather than 'whodunnit'.

"This latest instalment will remain true by seeking to find why the crime was committed.

"Again, everything happens in the area surrounding Cadi's home and the stunning landscape is central to the plot.

"Craith draws you in like no other drama, and has the ability to make you feel at the heart of it all - the breath-taking locations certainly play an important part."

Viewers can look forward to seeing the third and final series of Craith on S4C in the Autumn.

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