S4C launches new Digital News Service

6 April 2021

S4C has today launched a new Digital News Service – Newyddion S4C, which includes a brand new app and website.

As well as publishing original stories, the service will also work in partnership with several other news sources including Golwg and ITV Wales, and publish stories from the S4C News programme produced by BBC Wales.

This is the first time a Welsh language news service has published and curated content from many different sources, offering a comprehensive news service in one place.

"Working with partners means we can share expertise and resources, being at the forefront of local and national news feeds," said Ioan Pollard, Editor of S4C's Digital News Service. "

"It is vital for S4C as a public broadcaster to be able to offer viewers the latest news at their fingertips. The days of waiting to watch the channel's main news programme at night are long gone and we need to be innovative in ensuring that we are able to offer a news service on a variety of platforms. "

We have designed the app so that users can get their news from many different sources in one place. As we are in the midst of an election period and with so much emphasis on health and the economy, it is certainly a very significant time to launch a new news service. "

S4C News will be scrutinising parties and politicians throughout the election period. There will also be stories about health, agriculture, current affairs, sport, and local stories focusing on people and their communities.

S4C has appointed a team of six journalists to work on the new news service including a News Editor, Deputy News Editor and four digital journalists.

You can download the new NS4C app through the App Store or Google Play Store and visit the website on s4c.cymru/Newyddion

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