​A week of programmes celebrating Wales's beaches on S4C

29 June 2021

Get ready for a trip to the seaside.

For an entire week, S4C will be offering a feast of fascinating programmes celebrating the very best of Wales's beaches.

Between 12-17 July, through documentaries, current affairs and entertainment, we take a look at some of Wales's most beautiful beaches, and one of them will be a location for a very special live edition of Priodas Pum Mil (£5k Wedding).

"The beauty on our doorstep has become more obvious to us than ever before during the extraordinary year we've had," said Amanda Rees, S4C's Director of Creative Content.

"We want to celebrate this by creating a whole week of programmes about Wales's glorious beaches.

"There is a special charm along with a rich history and tradition attached to our sea shores and it will all be seen and celebrated during S4C's Welsh Beaches week.

"We hope to let our viewers feel the thrill of sand between their toes without having to leave their living room.

"So come with us then, down to the seaside."

The week begins on Monday, 12 July with an hour-long special edition of Sgwrs Dan y Lloer (A Chat Under the Stars).

On a beautiful Gower beach, under the stars and around a bonfire, Elin Fflur will hear about the career and colourful life of the comedian and singer from Glynneath, Max Boyce.

DRYCH: Y Bermo on Tuesday, 13 July is a documentary programme which follows the residents of this seaside town which lies in the shadow of Cader Idris.

From Steve Donks and his donkeys and trampolines to the lifeboat coastal rescue team; Will and his chip shop; Vic and his sweets and rock to the sisters who are sharing a special time in their lives, we follow these Welsh people in their life and work.

And we see how the roots of its people has shaped Barmouth and how it has changed along with these new times.

We are taken on four interesting coastal walks in Am Dro: Ar Lan y Môr (Let's Walk: By the Seaside) on 14 July.

Diane from Menai Bridge, who is a grandmother in her 50s leads the crew of walkers form Benllech to Moelfre, Anglesey; Larissa, aged 23, who works in the beauty industry leads a walk from Porth Ceiriad to Machroes, Abersoch.

Paul relives caravan holidays with his grandparents as he leads the other three on a walk around Porthcawl.

There will be lots of fun to be had in the company of this character originally from Rhondda but who now lives in Bognor Regis and works as a Red Coat in Butlins.

A trek from Treginnis Farm to Whitesands beach near St Davids, Pembrokeshire will be led by teacher Dewi. The gang become friends along the way but will they still be friends when the marks are handed out?

There will be a special edition of Cynefin (Habitat) on 15 July which concentrates on Nefyn on the Llŷn Peninsula and the surrounding area.

As Heledd Cynwal learns about the rich maritime history of the place by following in the footsteps of the sailors, she gets to taste herrings and go out to sea to lift lobster pots.

Iestyn Jones will be going on an adventure by diving off the coast of Porthdinllaen on the trail of the special seagrass which grows there and Sion Tomos Owen will recount the tale of local pilgrims and the popular sea shanty Fflat Huw Puw.

Highlight of the week will be Priodas Pum Mil o'r Traeth – (£5k Wedding on the beach) a very special edition of Priodas Pum Mil.

Trystan Ellis Morris and Emma Walford are back with quite an unusual challenge – to arrange a live wedding on one of Wales's magnificent beaches.

The loved-up pair Siân and Stuart were chosen by a public vote back in May on social media website Facebook.

The event will be full of fun and surprises, and there will be a couple of familiar faces as part of the celebrations to ensure that the day will be unforgettable for the couple.

"Imagine a magical location beautifully decorated," said Emma Walford. "

And imagine entertainment of the highest quality by one of our country's most famous singers.

There's even a whisper that there's going to be an amazing chef on hand who is already preparing to light the barbecue. What could be better?"

Throughout the week, from Monday to Friday the series Glannau Cymru o'r Awyr (Wales's Coast from the Air) will give us an bird's eye view of our beaches as it travels to various parts of the coast; from the Severn bridges to North East Wales.

The whole amazing journey will be available to view continuously on Saturday 17 July at 9.30am.

A variety of the channel's regular programmes will be getting into the spirit of the maritime week also as Prynhawn Da and Heno broadcast from Llanelli beach throughout the week while there will be seaside-themed items on Garddio a Mwy (Gardening and More).

Welsh Beaches Week on S4C is being sponsored by Visit Wales.

Traethau Cymru S4C

12 – 17 July

On demand: S4C Clic, iPlayer and other platforms

Sgwrs Dan y Lloer ar y Traeth

12 July 9.00

A Tinopolis production for S4C

DRYCH: Y Bermo

13 July 9.00

A Darlun production for S4C

Am Dro! Ar Lan y Môr

14 July 9.00

A Cardiff Productions production for S4C

Cynefin: Nefyn

15 July 9.00

A Rondo production for S4C

Priodas Pum Mil o'r Traeth

16 July7.00 ac 8.00

A Boom Cymru production for S4C

Glannau Cymru o'r Awyr

12-17 Gorffennaf

An Orchard production for S4C

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