​Key appointment as S4C extends to wider digital platforms

7 July 2021

S4C has announced that Amanda Rees will undertake the work of extending the reach and range of the channel's digital content as the first Director of Platforms.

As viewing patterns and habits change, the channel wants to build on the work that has already been done by ensuring that the right content appears on the right platforms in order to reach the right audience.

This will ensure that S4C is best able to face the digital challenges and opportunities of the future.

Amanda Rees said: "It is a privilege and a responsibility to take on this challenge.

"I will be working with the commissioning team and with S4C's internal and external technical teams to make sure that the service will be truly multi-platform and up-to-date.

"We have already moved from being one linear channel to having a prominent presence on the BBC's iPlayer and our S4C Clic player offers a box sets lots of alternative content.

"Our content also already appears across social media and platforms such as YouTube.

"The next big step is to evolve the service in a digital direction with a comprehensive publishing strategy that celebrates viewing and use of our content across all platforms.

"This will require the sector, commissioners and technicians to understand the technical needs of the platforms and the needs of the different audiences. My role will be to drive and lead this work.

Owen Evans, S4C's Chief Executive, said: "We already present S4C's programmes and content to viewers on all sorts of platforms, not just on one television channel.

"But this will become increasingly important and strategic planning is needed to make the most of it.

"So the work Amanda will be undertaking will be key if S4C is to succeed in the years to come.

Amanda Rees has been the channel's Director of Content since 2016 and under her leadership S4C has won a number of Welsh, Celtic and British awards for drama, light entertainment and factual programmes.

The channel has also enjoyed its highest reach since 2017 and the highest average peak since 2015 during her tenure as Director of Content.

She will take on her new responsibilities in the autumn.

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