​S4C launches digital weather service

22 July 2021

S4C has announced that a new digital weather service will be available on the Newyddion S4C app from today (22 July).

The service will be in addition to the bulletins which go out twice daily from S4C weather presenters.

Users of the service will be able to see the daily and hourly weather for their area plus the forecast for the week ahead

This is the only online weather service available in Welsh and is a partnership with the Met Office.

The launch comes at the beginning of the summer holidays and during one of the hottest weeks of the year, with temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees.

S4C's Digital News Service was launched in April.

Since launching, the app and the website have published hundreds of exclusive stories, and have also been working in partnership with several other news outlets including Golwg and ITV Cymru, as well as publishing stories from the Newyddion S4C programme produced by BBC Cymru.

"This is another key step in the development of S4C's digital news service," said Ioan Pollard, editor of S4C Digital News.

"We are very proud to launch the weather service at the beginning of the summer holidays.

"The weather has become more important than ever before in the last year and being able to offer a weather service in Welsh to our users is very important."

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