New podcast discusses young people’s problems

14 October 2021

How many of you will publicly admit to sliding into someone's DMs?

This will be one of the hot topics discussed in Probcast, a brand-new Podcast by Hansh.

Each week hosts Hollie Smith, Beth Frazer, Mared Jarman and Amber Davies take it in turns to chair whilst the other three argue their case for having the 'worse' problem.

All four have a disability, so the conversations are wide ranging - from specific frustrations personal to them to contemporary problems that everyone can relate to.

"Being part of the podcast opened my eyes to the experiences of others in the disabled community," said Hollie Smith, a journalist from Mold.

"As a deaf person, my experiences are limited to the challenges that deaf people face in particular - but listening to Mared, Amber and Beth helped me to understand the challenges that exist on a wider scale.

"It was a great opportunity to share experiences with people who understand the realities of living with disabilities in the twenty-first century."

Beth Frazer a blogger from Anglesey said: "We all have different disabilities or chronic illness, and it's an opportunity to talk about things we'd like to change – such as people who are too quick to judge.

"One of the girls is almost blind and she's had people shout at her for going into a disabled toilet.

"Not all disabilities are visible so hopefully by listening, people will become more empathetic, think before they say things and be a bit more mindful.

"For me, it's important to be mindful of what you say online. I got cyber-bullied when I was fundraising for treatment for my brain tumour.

"It was really scary - one guy said he wanted to shoot me.

"Why do people think they can say such things online?

"On one side the power of social media can be amazing, but the trolling that can come with it certainly isn't."

"I really enjoyed the experience of creating Probcast. We always feel so happy leaving the podcast, it's like an outlet to be able to vent and get things out."

Probcast came about after a Hansh call-out looking for contributors.

Guto Rhun, Assistant Online Commissioner for S4C said: "The Probcast came about as a result of the Medru Hansh mentoring sessions - seminars for disabled content creators, young people who are passionate about online content.

"It's great to see these ideas developing from a discussion to being shared with thousands through the Hansh audience."

Listen to Hollie, Beth, Mared and Amber putting the world to rights on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Go to https://linktr.ee/hanshs4c to subscribe to Probcast.

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