Sequins and a Storm in a teacup

Tallia Storm

24 May 2023

The second part of the hit series Mwy na Daffs a Taffs (More Than Daffs and Taffs) is available to stream from 24 May.

The first part of the series saw Gemma Collins, Ryan-Mark Parsons, and Luca Bish immersed in Welsh culture.

There's also a swathe of sequins and a pretty big Storm awaiting us in the second part.

This popular series from Hansh S4C aims to dispel the stereotypes about Wales, with presenter Miriam Isaac bringing three UK reality celebs to Wales for two days.

Drag queen Blu Hydrangea; singer, model and Insta queen Tallia Storm; and TV and radio presenter Vick Hope are all immersed in Welsh culture.

"When I think of Wales, I think of funny words like popty ping, and Barry Island of course, off Gavin & Stacey," says Blu Hydrangea, who is from Northern Ireland, and is keen to see what it's like to be queer in Wales.

"I went to a school where it wasn't cool to be gay. It was very hard for me," she adds.

Blu and Ceredigion drag queen Chris 'Serenity' Jones have much more than sequins in common.

"I'm the only drag queen in the village! There aren't many queer people here so it was hard growing up," said Chris, who lives on a farm in the small village of Dihewyd and offers dance lessons to young people in the area.

Tallia Storm is on her way to Cardiff and isn't holding back in her stereotypical Welsh attitude.

"If Wales was a drink, it would be an Earl Grey – just sitting there miserable and doing nothing. Wales has potential but it needs to be a more spicy Margharita," explains the Scottish singer.

And what does she associate with Wales? "Sheep, leeks, lots of hay, hymns and Fireman Sam – oh, and 'what's occurrin'?"

Cardiff rappers Dom and Lloyd will have a bit of work to try convincing Tallia that Wales is more of a Spicy Margharita than a miserable Earl Grey.

There may be more hope with BBC Radio 1 presenter Vick Hope.

Vick, who is also a journalist and author, admits she doesn't know much about the Welsh language apart from the fact that it's a "beautiful language".

Wales' soul queen, Merthyr singer Eadyth, is tasked with showing Vick the best of Wales, and as she is convinced that "everyone in Wales can sing" it's clear that she needs to join students hall of residence Pantycelyn in Aberystwyth, to sing Calon Lân.

Luckily for Vick that she "loves nature" because the wind and rain await them at the Urdd Camp in Llangrannog.

Having competed on Strictly Come Dancing, there's nothing to compare to dancing to Hei Mistar Urdd on a mountaintop, and getting a chance to folk dance.

Vick also hears about all the good work the Urdd does, while she and Eadyth relate over their experiences of being of mixed descent.

"There's a sense of community here, a warm, safe and peaceful place," Vick says at the end of her two days in the wild west.

The next three episodes of Mwy na Daffs a Taffs will be available on S4C Clic, BBC iPlayer and all Hansh platforms from Wednesday 24 May.

Blu Hydrangea
Vick Hope, Miriam Isaac & Eadyth
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