S4C International New Content Fund Launches

10 Hydref 2023

S4C's International's inaugural Commercial Content Fund is up and running from today (Tuesday 10th October) and actively looking for projects and partners in Wales and Internationally.

The fund was set up to support projects that are ambitious and appealing to international audiences.

The aim is to share Wales' unique culture and storytelling capabilities with the world whilst providing a huge boost to the creative sector in Wales.

The Commercial Content Fund will invest money into development and production which we hope will make a significant difference to the scale and, in turn, international sales of the show.

Newly Appointed Head of Fund, Claire Urquhart said:

"Perhaps you never considered sending certain ideas to S4C previously because the talent, scale, or visual style pushed it beyond the standard tariff. With this new fund we are aiming high. Can we find a returning format that will go global. An A-lister who has big plans in Wales? A Lord of the Rings style spin-off in the Welsh language? Perhaps there is ground-breaking science or an investigation underway that will resonate globally."

The Commercial Fund will also invest in content and intellectual property that could extend into other markets such as gaming and FAST platforms.

We are actively looking for projects or partnerships with producers, distributors, and content platforms around the world.

The website has further information about the fund and details on how to apply.

Urquhart will be at MIPCOM to hear from new partners and discuss potential projects.

Link to Content Fund Website:


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